Pediatric dentistry

The care of children differs significantly from the dental treatment of adults. First, because they do not visit the dentist themselves, but come with their parents. Namely into a new, foreign environment that can cause them fear. We want to solve this anxiety in a friendly environment. If no immediate intervention is required, we accustom our young patients step by step (with one or two appointments) to the environment of the practice in order to ensure the success of any treatments that may arise. We know that the first impression at the dentist has a great influence on the later "doctor-patient-relationship" for the children.

Some help to prepare your child for our first meeting:


  • Liane Schneider: "Conni geht zum Zahnarzt"
  • Iwona Radünz-Thomas Röhner: "Das Wackelzahnbuch: Alles über deine Milchzähne" (Picture and reading books)